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The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) collaborates with its members on water and wastewater service activities through the One Water Partnership Member Outreach Program. Ten work groups are used to involve members in technical service and financial discussions that support decision-making for GLWA’s water and wastewater systems. Electronic communications and videos are also used to share additional key information with members. This portal serves as the information hub for members participating in work groups and following work group activities.


To learn more about the benefits of participating in the outreach program, the different work groups and how to get involved, review the documents below.
One Water Partnership Member Outreach Program (1.5 MB)
Participation Guide (548 KB)
Work Groups (377 KB
Member Outreach Program Manual (983 KB)



Coalition Comments on Draft Lead & Copper Rule Revision (References three attachments)
Attachment 1: Memorandum on Legal Issues in the Draft Rule: Supplying Water to the Public
Attachment 2: Response to Regulatory Impact Statement 
Attachment 3: Comments on the Proposed Regulatory Language of the Draft Lead and Copper Rules 
GLWA Resolution Regarding Proposed Lead and Copper Rule Amendments



A series of videos and podcasts created to inform elected officials about GLWA and answer the questions most commonly heard through our service area.



 Operation Clean Water Detroit 

RTB Performance Summary for January – April 2018…RTBs prevented 10.5 billion gallons of untreated discharges into our waterways to protect public health during the first four months of 2018.


Meet Bridgeport Consulting, new third party facilitators for Member Outreach…In April 2018, Kerry Sheldon, Bridgeport Consulting founder, and her team officially took over the role of third party facili-tation for GLWA's Member Outreach program, after Project Innovations' retirement.


2017 RTB Performance Annual Report…RTBs prevented 13.9 billion gallons of combined sewer overflows during a year when precipitation was fairly evenly distributed across the region.



RTB Performance Report and Article Archive



DRAFT GLWA Capital Improvements Plan 2019-2023 (16 MB)

Units of Service for Non-Master Metered Customers of GLWA and System Water Audit 

PHASE 1 Report and Recommendations (14 MB)

Memo from DWSD and Dearborn re: Technical Issues ‐ Implications for Charges (154 KB)

DRAFT GLWA Capital Improvements Plan 2018-2022 Version 1.1 (6 MB)

Appendix A: Water Business Case Evaluations Version 1.1 (48 MB)

Appendix B: Sewer Business Case Evaluations Version 1.1 (18 MB)

Appendix C: Central Services Business Case Evaluations Version 1.1 (2 MB)

Appendix D: Water & Wastewater Project Prioritization Version 1.1 (377 KB)

Presentation: Customer CIP Roll-out Version 1.1 (5 MB)

Presentation: Improving the Capital Financial Plan Version 1.1 (455 KB)

Sewer and Water CIP Project Lists 2017-2021 (1 MB)

Sewer Project Summaries 2017-2021 (16 MB)

Water Project Summaries 2017-2021: Part 1 (12 MB) Part 2 (16 MB)

Regional Water Supply System Lease (9 MB)

Regional Sewage Disposal System Lease (5 MB)

Water and Sewer Services Agreement (8 MB)


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Water and Wastewater Work Group Briefs


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