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Outreach Series for Elected Officials



  VIDEO: GLWA Customer Outreach  


   VIDEO: WRAP: A Story of Success


  VIDEO: The Birth of the Great Lakes Water Authority  


  VIDEO: ONE Water – An Introduction to GLWA’s New Logo  


  VIDEO: Introduction to GLWA Charges and Community Rates   


  VIDEO: The ABC's of Water Charges


  VIDEO: From GLWA Budgets to Customer Sewer and Water Charges  


  PODCAST: Protecting Your Community’s Health is Job Number One for GLWA
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  PODCAST: We Have Some of Our Nation’s Best Source Water
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Building the Great Lakes Water Authority



  GLWA Water Master Plan: A Story in Customer Collaboration  


  Judge Cox Responds to FAQs about the GLWA  


  Reflections from the WRAP Advisory Group - August 2015  

  Making History: Building the Great Lakes Water Authority  

  Introduction to Detroit’s Water and Sewer Collections Improvement Plan  
  GLWA FAQ Responses with Robert J. Daddow  

Additional Information:

GLWA Fact Sheet

GLWA Detroit FAQ

GLWA Detroit Lease Services Agreements

July 2015 Outreach Meetings Presentation


WRAP Presentation

40-Year Lease Agreements Approved by GLWA Board

Outreach Videos

How to Collect a Drinking Water Sample for Lead and Copper Testing (English) (Arabic) (Spanish)


Why Doesn't My Bill Go Down When I Use Less Water?


Why Do My Water Rates Keep Going Up?

How Much Do I Pay For a Gallon of Water?

How Can I Reduce My Water Bill?

Introduction to DWSD Wastewater Rates Simplification