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A variety of publications are created through the GLWA Wholesale Customer Outreach effort to keep customers abreast of issues impacting our water and sewer systems. Operation Clean Water features an in-depth article each quarter on how GLWA and its suburban wholesale customers manage our water and sewer infrastructure to protect public health and the environment. Most of these documents were created by the Public Education Work Group who strongly encourages reuse of these materials in other publications to provide accurate information to the public.
Recent publications
WRAP Empowers Communities to Assist Residents in Need…Learn how WRAP works and the value it provided to member communities during its first year.  
RTB Performance Summary for January – April 2017…RTBs prevented 7 billion gallons of untreated discharges into our waterways to protect public health during the first four months of 2017.  
Modernizing Industrial Wastewater Requirements…GLWA’s NPDES permit renewal for the Water Resource Recovery Facility features an updated Industrial Wastewater Control program developed in collaboration with stakeholders.  

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