ABOUT the GLWA Customer Outreach Portal

The outreach effort fosters cooperation and the open exchange of information as GLWA and wholesale customers work together to achieve common goals and address service issues. Two committees, the Water Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Wastewater Steering Committee (SC), oversee the activities of the work groups created to focus on operational and management aspects of water delivery and wastewater collection. These work groups meet 6 to 12 times a year and range in size from 10 to 40 members with participation at all organizational levels from facility operators to members of the GLWA Board.   


This information portal is loaded with workgroup activity documents, presentations, meeting summaries, up-to-date calendar of events, and timely announcement information related to water and wastewater happenings in the southeast Michigan region. As you navigate around the site you will find that having a member login allows you to see all documents and receive email notifications regarding system events related to the GLWA suburban water and wastewater systems.


Helpful links include:
Outreach Toolkit - How to use the portal and participate in work groups
Water Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Overview
Wastewater Steering Committee (SC) Overview
Glossary of Terms


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