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On January 1, 2016, the history of water and sewer service in Southeastern Michigan was forever changed. The once pie-in-the-sky idea of a regional water authority became reality when the three counties (Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb), the State of Michigan, and City of Detroit officially united to form the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA).


Wholesale customer collaboration within the Great Lakes Water Authority water and wastewater systems remains a top priority for the Great Lakes Water Authority. The outreach structure that has proved successful in the past will carry on with the Water Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), the Wastewater Steering Committee and related work groups. Wholesale customers and managers, operators and engineers of the GLWA will continue to address system planning and service issues through the outreach process. This portal is a resource for work groups and an information source for customers throughout GLWA's service area. To learn more about how to get involved in the outreach effort and use the portal, click on the green outreach toolkit bar to the right.



A series of videos and podcasts created to inform elected officials about GLWA and answer the questions most commonly heard through our service area.



 Operation Clean Water Detroit 

Protecting Our Drinking Water – Everyday Actions that Matter!…From lawn and car care practices to proper disposal of household hazardous waste, routine actions can help keep pollutants out of our drinking water supplies.


2016 RTB Performance Annual Report…RTBs prevented 16.1 billion gallons of combined sewer overflows during a year of record-setting warm temperatures and precipitation that varied significantly in volume across the region.


RTB Performance Summary for May – October 2016…RTBs prevented more than 9.5 billion gallons of untreated discharges into our waterways to protect public health during the recreation season of 2016.




RTB Performance Report and Article Archive



DRAFT GLWA Capital Improvements Plan 2018-2022 Version 1.1 (6 MB)

Appendix A: Water Business Case Evaluations Version 1.1 (48 MB)

Appendix B: Sewer Business Case Evaluations Version 1.1 (18 MB)

Appendix C: Central Services Business Case Evaluations Version 1.1 (2 MB)

Appendix D: Water & Wastewater Project Prioritization Version 1.1 (377 KB)

Presentation: Customer CIP Roll-out Version 1.1 (5 MB)

Presentation: Improving the Capital Financial Plan Version 1.1 (455 KB)

Sewer and Water CIP Project Lists 2017-2021 (1 MB)

Sewer Project Summaries 2017-2021 (16 MB)

Water Project Summaries 2017-2021: Part 1 (12 MB) Part 2 (16 MB)

Regional Water Supply System Lease (9 MB)

Regional Sewage Disposal System Lease (5 MB)

Water and Sewer Services Agreement (8 MB)


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April 17, 2017 - Water TAC and Wastewater Steering Committee Work Group Briefs





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